About Us

snoopn4pnuts.com was developed after its founder and owner, Gretchen Miller, accumulated a vast collection of Peanuts Gang collectibles over the past 20 years. As the storage areas in her home were quickly becoming (over)filled, she decided that it was time to part with many of her cherished items. (To date, snoopn4pnuts.com currently carries over 13,000 different items!)

After researching the market to see if another Peanuts Gang store would survive in today’s economy, she found that there wasn’t a single online store that sold both vintage and new Peanuts Gang collectibles “under one roof.' Every other store out there sold only new merchandise. The only other competition appeared to be online auctions, but that requires the buyer to have to spend much time trying to locate a particular item that often isn’t even available. Plus, there is no consistency related to the price of collectibles at these sites, as buyers tend to be very fickle…sometimes over-spending a great deal on certain items that would cost far less at snoopn4pnuts.com.

Based on convenience for the customer , Gretchen and her staff decided to create a place where fans could buy nearly every type of Peanuts Gang collectible ever made….from vintage to new to lightly used, all in one store. There is no need to spend hours and hours of your valuable time looking everywhere for particular items when you can find many of them at a single website - snoopn4pnuts.com.

Another key feature that sets up apart from the rest is that all of our merchandise is clean and in mint to near mint condition, including lightly used items. You will never receive an item in poor condition or one in need of repair from snoopn4pnuts.com. We do not sell anything of mediocre or poor quality. Our fundamental belief is that we do not carry any items that we would not add to our own personal collections. If we wouldn’t want it, why would you?

We also buy Peanuts Gang collectibles from private collectors, so if you have anything you want to sell, please contact us and let us know what you have.

Thanks for visiting our store and enjoy yourself as you go snoopn4pnuts!