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Happy Snoopy 9" Heart-Shaped Balloon (Air Fill)

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Happy Snoopy 9" Heart-Shaped Balloon (Air Fill)
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9" Air-Fill Heart-Shaped Mylar Balloon *Not helium inflated. Balloons 9" and under require heat sealing. If you do not own a heat sealer you can alternatively use a flat iron hair straightener or curling iron on the lowest setting. Cover the ends of the hair straightener with aluminum foil to avoid damaging it. Fill the balloon with room temperature or cooler air (not with your mouth) using a bike pump etc.. and then seal the end using the heat sealer or hair straightener. NEW (Fact: All mylar foil balloons are reusable/refillable, so hold onto those Peanuts balloons as older styles are discontinued year after year!)
Price: $3.95
Manufacturer: CTI
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